Honor foldable Phone in 2020|Honor X Foldable

Honor foldable Phone in 2020

Honor: folding smartphone in 2020

CEO Honor announces the imminent launch of the brand in the folding smartphone sector, probably using the same Huawei technology.

The CEO of Honor, George Zhao, announced in an interview with CNET during the Mobile World Congress 2019 that he intends to launch his first folding smartphone by 2020. In the interview, Zhao also presents Honor’s plans for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and discusses the future of the brand in the United States, which for now remains too competitive and does not represent a priority for Honor. By contrast, the brand (which belongs to Huawei) aims to establish itself as the fifth-largest producer in Europe.

Honor folding in 2020

So in the near future also Honor will ride the wave of foldable smartphones, probably also in the face of the enthusiasm found by mobile users for this type of device during the World Mobile Congress 2019. Here the innovation brought by folding smartphones has succeeded even stealing the 5G scene, running for the next real horizon of mobility hardware. Together with Samsung, there was Huawei, and now Honor is preparing to follow the trend launched by the parent company, using its own technology.

In particular, Zhao, when asked if Honor also plans to launch into the flexible smartphone sector, has responded simply, plainly and clearly:

Yes sure.

The problem to be solved would, however, be related to the still prohibitive cost of these devices, since the target to which the brand is addressed is made up of young people who aim above all at smartphones performing in the gaming field, at an affordable cost. But according to CEO Honor, with the increase in production, prices will begin to fall and therefore the brand will be able to propose its own version:

For Honor, I think we will find a way to provide our client target with a folding phone. I think next year. Next year should be the right time.

Huawei Technology

As for the technology that Honor plans to implement in the next flexible smartphone, the source of inspiration seems to be Mate X. And it could not be otherwise:

I personally like this design. We can think of Huawei and Honor as Volkswagen and Audi: just like engines, it will be possible to use group technology for the platform.

First of all, explains Zhao:

For folding phones, the most important thing is to understand the added value we can bring to the consumer.

And in the meantime Honor is preparing to face the challenge of 5G:

5G could be our next opportunity. This year we will surely have a 5G product, mass distribution to 5G customers is expected between the end of the year and 2020.

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