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XBox Series X

More questions than answers

The Game Awards can compete with E3 when it comes to big announcements, we are now used to that from Geoff Keighley’s game festival. However, that tonight Microsoft would announce the new generation of Xbox consoles – the Series X – saw no one coming.

The revelation was therefore the blast of the evening – and the Xbox itself is the model of console design – but the moment was too short to provide clarity about what exactly we can expect from the next generation of consoles.

In short, the Xbox Series X was unveiled with a cryptic teaser, which slowly works towards the striking design of the tank. The message is initially clear: this is the new generation of Xbox consoles, it is super powerful and those who have money for water can build a large tower with multiple copies.

What is Series X?

But apart from the fact that the name is rather uninspired, it is not exactly clear what the name Series X means exactly. Phil Spencer, who proudly presented the console to the public, says virtually nothing about that. Some indication of the meaning came later, in an exclusive interview with Gamespot about the name and graphics capabilities of the console. According to Spencer, the device is a “unification of all Xbox platforms”, with both the past and the future in mind. Microsoft attaches great importance to compatibility with previous consoles and will soon bring 18 years of Xbox history together with both hardware and the power of the cloud.

So far it has been a logical choice, but in terms of the future the name “Series X” is causing confusion. Spencer confirms that there is room for other models, such as more powerful versions and revisions of the console, but in what way is guesswork. Is the Xbox One X also part of the Series X, given the name and the most powerful console of the moment? Is it only one console, or do two or more versions appear at launch?

The latter is of course obvious, given the rumors that Microsoft is working on two consoles: Lockhart and Anaconda. It is a striking, but perhaps an advantageous, strategy. With two consoles on the market, Microsoft is on a broad spectrum of accessibility.

Those who have less to spend can go for a cheaper, but the still capable model and people with a larger budget can get the more powerful Series X.

xCloud, the very attractive Xbox Game Pass and significant investments in exclusive games, Microsoft is going very strong the following year.

Xbox Series X

On the other hand, Sony is releasing one console and still has to take significant steps in the field of cloud gaming. Depending on the exact specifications – which are currently unknown – Microsoft has potentially a more powerful and expensive model to outperform Sony and a cheaper model to reach a larger share of the market.

The eyes are in any case focused on the console thanks to the striking appearance, for which the company deserves praise

Your own Event

However, the problem is that the lightning-fast announcement at The Game Awards does not answer any of the above questions about the console. It is a remarkable strategy from Microsoft, since the unveiling of the appearance of the Xbox One X was accompanied by an explanation of the capabilities of the console. The platform holder would have done better to save the unveiling for his own event, explaining what is really next-gen to the Series X.

Okay, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, the sequel to the fantastic Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, is a great game to showcase the graphic power of the Series X. According to Microsoft, 4K and 60fps is becoming pretty much the standard and there is room for 120fps or 8K resolutions thanks to an eight times as powerful GPU and four times as powerful CPU as the Xbox One (the GPU is twice as powerful as the One X)

Xbox Series X

But next-gen is, of course, more than specifications. If Microsoft had taken more time, it would have been able to convince viewers of the ultra-fast SSD that should eliminate “load times”, the smart storage system, the role of xCloud and the new share button – or even what’s new about the controller. Ironically, a leaked PS5 video currently shows the best thing that is really going to change. Now the unveiling yields more questions than answers.

In the spotlight

Of course, Microsoft also comes with a presentation or video that explains in detail what the Series X means for the future. The eyes are in any case focused on the console thanks to the striking appearance, for which the company deserves praise. Not everyone will appreciate the design, but at least it catches the eye. The design may also seem somewhat impractical, but given the confirmation that the Series X can also be used horizontally and the size compared to the controller in the trailer, that is actually not so bad. With its prominent buttons, matte black casing and the green-lit cooling grid, the Series X is a clever piece of design that excellently distinguishes itself from the PS5, should Sony release a traditional flat console.

The Series X looks like a very powerful, beautiful console to get excited about, but the announcement was actually more spectacle than content.

Xbox Series x Price

The Xbox One X cost $499 when it was released.


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