Samsung Galaxy Fold is a hit according to sales figures

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The foldable phone is selling better than expected

It took a while for Samsung Galaxy Foldable to land in stores. The first edition was plagued by problems with the durability and the launch date was therefore pushed out eight months into the future. Samsung wasn’t sure how many would be interested in paying that much for the unique phone, but it now appears that there was a lot that did anyway. Samsung Electronic’s director Young Sohn said during an event at TechCrunch that Samsung has sold one million units of Galaxy Fold.

What do we know about Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

One million devices are impressive when we consider that there is a device for 16,000 and that the phone has only been available for three months.

Many were thrilled when it became clear that several major mobile manufacturers would be launching foldable phones. But a year of postponements, phones that were announced but never launched and negative mention of the devices meant we couldn’t be sure when the first widely available foldable phone would come out. It has now emerged that there was no cause for concern as one million people can hardly be mistaken.

Are foldable phones the new variety?

Now that Samsung Galaxy Fold has proven to be a hit, the future looks bright for Motorola Razr 2019, which will be the next widely available foldable phone. It is cheaper than Fold, so when it lands until January 2020, it is conceivable that more people will be interested in a foldable mobile.

At the same time, sales figures are an encouraging sign for many companies that have already confirmed that they are working on similar phones, such as Xiaomi, TCL, Microsoft, Oppo, and Vivo. At the same time, there are several other companies that, according to rumors, are working on foldable phones, although nothing has been confirmed – Apple, Google, Sony and LG should also look at foldable solutions, and the positive sales figures may well be motivating this development.

With that said, it’s still early to predict the success of the foldable phones, in the long run, so we’ll have to wait and see how the new devices fare, and it’ll be interesting if Galaxy Fold lasts.


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